Air Travel Info

For American's traveling to Mexico we recommend using Conlin Travel; a family-owned business serving the business travel community throughout the United States for over 50 years.
Travelers to the Bioactive Lipids Conference can call Conlin Travel toll-free 1 (800) 783-9559 to make airline reservations.
There are two designated agents assigned to assist in booking travel to Mexico specifically for this meeting. Their contact info is listed below.  Please email or call Patricia or Terry for your Mexico travel needs:
Patricia Eck (ext. 2411) 
Terry Saline (ext. 2407)
It is recommended that you have your passport when calling to provide required Transportation Security Administration (TSA) information.

Please identify yourself as a Bioactive Lipids conference attendee

Reservation Services Include:
*  Unparalleled agent experience
*  Hours from 8am - 5pm. (Eastern Standard Time)
*  After hours emergency service and assistance Worldwide
The agent assisted service fee is $35.00 per ticket.