Abstract submission

The abstract submission portal is now closed.  However, abstracts for Poster Presentations will continue to be accepted through September 29, 2017. To submit an abstract for Poster Presentation, please email your abstract along with your Registration ID to info@bioactivelipids.org
Abstracts may only be submitted upon registration.

1. The abstract submitting Registrant is the presumed presenter of the work at the    conference. The abstract submission system will not allow you to select otherwise.

2. A maximum of four (4) abstracts (up to four posters but only one oral) can be submitted by each Registrant.

3. Registrants may request an oral presentation for only one abstract.

4. Registrants have access to their submitted abstracts for corrections until (August 20, 2017)
Abstract preparation guidelines:
  • Abstracts are directly entered using the link provided below. Abstracts cannot be emailed or files attached for the purpose.
  • Body of the abstract may not exceed 3,000 characters (including spaces). This includes any references cited in the text. References may not be listed separately.
  • Only alphanumeric text is allowed in the abstract. No figures or tables are allowed.
Please note: you must have a registration ID to access the system. Registration ID's are provided in the confirmation email which is sent upon registration. If you have lost or did not receive your confirmation email please contact us.