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Christopher C. Harris Travel Award for Graduates Students

The Eicosanoid Research Foundation established the Christopher C. Harris Travel Award for Graduate Students in memory of Christopher C. Harris (May 15, 1958 – November 18, 2015).

Mr. Harris was a remarkable organizer, fundraiser, meeting planner and talented entrepreneur.   He had a gift for bringing individuals together and making friends around the world.  He was the exclusive meeting organizer for the very successful international conference on Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases starting in Chicago (2003), San Francisco (2005), Montreal (2007), Cancun (2009), Seattle (2011), San Juan (2013), and Budapest (2015).

The 2017 meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is dedicated in honor of Chris Harris. Friends and colleagues who wish to make a contribution towards the Christopher C. Harris Travel Award for Graduate Students in his memory may do so here:

Memories shared by friends and colleagues of Christopher Harris:

Kenneth V. Honn  - Organizing this meeting was Chris’s legacy. We attribute much of its success to him!  He is truly missed.
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Darryl Zeldin - Chris has touched all of us in the eicosanoid research community. He will be greatly missed.

Yusuf Hannun and Lina Obeid - Chris will always be in our hearts.

Richard PhippsChris will be sorely missed. A thoughtful, hard working, smart human being. And, a tough negotiator!